Our first of a series of short remote interviews with business owner / executive clients who are leveraging the EOS model to develop business and personal strategies to successfully navigate their companies through this time of uncertainty is with:

Amelia Warren – CEO of Epicure

With hundreds of employees and thousands of consultants throughout Canada and the US, under Amelia’s “take no prisoners” attitude, this company has successfully pivoted since the start of the COVID-19 crisis.

We have been working with Amelia and the talented leadership team at Epicure for the past 3 years in Implementing EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System).

Watch this short video interview where Amelia shares some insights on how Epicure is leveraging the EOS platform to “pivot and pivot fast!” to quickly execute successful initiatives and how she manages the stress of being a leader with her family, employees and their families relying on her to succeed.

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