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The first step to becoming a great manager is to understand the significant difference between leadership and management. This is the goal of Kevin G. Armstrong’s new book, The Miracle Manager: Why True Leaders Rarely Make Great Managers, published with ForbesBooks. In it, Kevin presents years of data and experience through fascinating case studies of great leaders and coaches of the past. This is a book for progressive business owners and managers looking for a new approach to management, and the path to a healthier, more productive organizational culture.

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Is Insecure Management Keeping Your Company Down?

Is Insecure Management Keeping Your Company Down?

Whenever the Olympics are happening, I’m reminded of Peter Ueberroth and the common perception that he saved the Olympics from dying. Although Peter played a key role,  it was a young person on the USOC (United States Olympic Committee) who asked a pivotal question...

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Why Have A Proven Process?

Why Have A Proven Process?

If you provide a proven service or deliver a proven product you have a proven process - it just might not be documented. I’ve had three careers and three businesses in my life and my success has all been due to following proven processes. I taught music in a public...

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Three Ways To Ensure Your Feedback Means Something

Three Ways To Ensure Your Feedback Means Something

This past weekend, we held our annual business owner’s retreat in Victoria, BC. Great people, weather, venue, and a fantastic time had by all. We brought in a truly unique individual, Michael Allosso from out east who, by the end of Saturday, left everyone in awe, and...

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