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The first step to becoming a great manager is to understand the significant difference between leadership and management. This is the goal of Kevin G. Armstrong’s new book, The Miracle Manager: Why True Leaders Rarely Make Great Managers, published with ForbesBooks. In it, Kevin presents years of data and experience through fascinating case studies of great leaders and coaches of the past. This is a book for progressive business owners and managers looking for a new approach to management, and the path to a healthier, more productive organizational culture.

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Just Be Real

Just Be Real

Are you worthy of “trust”? Ask someone to rate you on how much they “trust” you and there might be confusion. But ask someone to rate you on being real and it becomes a much easier exercise. If you want to be trusted you must be real.

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What Is A Good Hire Worth?

What Is A Good Hire Worth?

I am continually amazed and confused when I come across business owners who willingly pay $80,000 or even more on a headhunter to place someone, but offer their employees $1,000, or a fraction of that, to perform the same service. What I recommend to my clients is to...

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Are You Prepared To Enter The Danger Zone?

Are You Prepared To Enter The Danger Zone?

Imagine if you had a culture that didn’t write negative or critical things in letters, email, or text message. When they had a problem they actually came to you and spoke face to face or if that wasn’t possible they called you. It is possible to have this type of...

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