If you provide a proven service or deliver a proven product you have a proven process – it just might not be documented. I’ve had three careers and three businesses in my life and my success has all been due to following proven processes.

I taught music in a public high school where I followed a proven process laid out by two music teachers from Oregon. Then, I was a top sales person for an international investment firm through carefully following a proven process that was documented by another top sales person. I also ran two successful franchises, and the franchise model requires documentation and illustrations of the proven process in order to be replicated, because that is what you are purchasing when you buy a franchise.

At EOS Worldwide, we have a proven process that we explain to our prospective clients every time we meet with them. We teach our clients what it is, what the purpose is, and how to communicate it. Rick Boates, President of Unitech Construction Management, says that his proven process has dramatically increased his close rate because it’s so much easier to explain to prospective clients what they can expect from the beginning to the end of the engagement.

Your illustrated proven process can be both a sales and marketing tool Click To Tweet in that it instantly and clearly outlines to your prospective customers what they can expect from the beginning to the end of what you provide. It frames expectations and provides transparency around the service or product offering. Most of us don’t go to Starbucks for the best cup of coffee we’ve ever had, but we go there because we know what to expect.

Starbucks, McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines, do not offer the “best” product or service in the world but we know what we are going to get because they follow a proven process.

If you want to see great examples of various proven processes search “proven process” on google images. You will see how simple and straight forward some can be, and detailed and creative others are. Some of the companies we work with aren’t that excited about documenting a proven process for their marketing collateral while others swear that is was one of the best things they ever did for their customers.

Rick Boates, President of Unitech Construction Management, beside his Proven Process painted on the wall of his lobby.

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